Digital Audio Editing and Sound Design - Professional services for music streaming, distribution, podcasts, audiobooks, documentaries, movies, websites and multimedia projects

We improve the sound quality of your music, dialogue and ambience recordings about clarity, warmth, dynamic and loudness and make the sounds you need for your music or multimedia production. Industry standard services of audio editing, restoration, postproduction and mastering with 25 years experiences and works for many artists, record labels, agencies and media.


For multimedia projects such as movies, games, apps, audiobooks, websites or other audiovisual presentations we offer audio edting of music, ambient sounds and dialogue. Our work includes audio restoration including cleaning and reducing of unwanted noise, clicks and clips in field recordings, voice recordings and music tracks. Beside improving the sound quality, the audio material can be edited about level adjustments, cuts, fades, reverb, delay, effects, tuning and mixing of single tracks. We can prepare mono, stereo or binaural master audio files according to specifications you need in your project.


Our audio editing, post production and mastering services includes level and fades adjustments, equalizer sound editing, restoration and noise reduction, dynamic compression, stereo imaging, spectral shaping, vintage sound coloring, saturation, peak limiting, maximizing and dithering of stereo tracks and stems. Delivery of various digital audio formats (MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, OGG, AIFF, WAV) optimized for multimedia, websites, broadcast, distribution and streaming according to LUFS loudness standards.


The use of actual technology allows us to mix several mono, stereo and binaural audio tracks into a 3D audio track, which give the listener an immersive audio experience by using standard stereo headphones. We offer 3D audio mixing and mastering and provide release ready audio files or binaural stems and single tracks to use in virtual reality and every kind of multimedia productions.


We produce reguarly music and sound snippets, which are available to use in multimedia projects (Sync Licenses) and we offer sound design and production of individual soundtrack music of various genre. This can be intros for podcasts, background music and sounds for audiovisual presentations, audiobooks, documentaries and commercial videos as well as sound clips for social media promo and websites. For apps, games and virtual reality projects we offer sound effects and imaginary audio ambience scenes edited and mixed in mono, stereo or 3D audio.

BASSY JAM STUDIO is the current project studio of audio engineer and sound designer JENS HELMSTEDT, who is active as live and studio bass player and music producer since 1980. He founded 1993 his own studio in Germany specialized on digital audio post production and mastering, worked for many artists, record labels, agencies and media. Beside editing of music tracks and albums, radio drama, audio books and podcasts, he realized also multimedia productions as well as photography, web and sound design concepts for various clients.

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