SPICES | Music Album

Music inspired by my travels through impressive landscapes and old cities on the traces of ancient cultures. Inspired by stories as well as by the fascinating diversity of oriental art along the Silk Road. This album includes music tracks with influences of sounds from Minor and Central Asia, Middle East, Persia, India and Western music elements from Jazz-Fusion, House, New Age and Ambient Music.

All music tracks are named after delicious oriental spices and herbs, traded in the bazaars along the old caravan routes. Unlimited streaming and download of MP3 and also as high quality audio (WAV, FLAC, AAC) available on Bandcamp

Music tracks were recorded with several instruments and sounds such as Arabian Oud, Persian Santur, Turkish Saz, Kanun, Kemence, Erhu, Reed Flutes - Ney, Bansuri, Zurna and Duduk - Indian Sitar, Tanpura, Tumbi, Balinese and Tibetan Gongs, Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Percussion - Darbuka, Riq, Davul, Bendir, Tablas, Ghatam, Dhol, Dholak, Kanjira, Khol, Pakhawaj and Bells - Electric Fretless Bass, Synth Basses, Harmonium, Electric Piano, Analog and Digital Synthesizers.

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