Layout and coding of responsive websites, optimized to view on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. Individual and business websites as well as portfolio website concepts for artists, musicians, photographers, authors, documentary and educational media projects.

Web design including concept, layout, graphic design and navigation, HTML5 / CSS3 coding, Javascript functions, photo editing, image galleries, slideshows, text font formatting, contact forms, audio and video embedding, social media integration, animation and sound production. Contact

Web Concept and Layout

Concept and pages layout of responsive websites inclusive navigation, UI design and functions, titleing, links and text formatting, contact form, graphic design, image integration and media embedding.

Photo Editing

Photo editing inclusive retouching, restauration and creative effects. Website integration as single image, slide show and gallery. Optimizing of images and graphics for websites, multimedia and presentations.

Animations, Video, Audio Editing

Creation of animations, video cuts and embedding of multimedia. Audio editing and postproduction of music, sounds and spoken words as well as event sounds and soundtrack music production for websites, podcasts, movies, apps and games.

Educational Media Concepts

Concepts for educational publications inclusive editorial content and media creation, layout, photo editing, design and coding of documentary styled responsive websites, webzines and blogs as well as ebook / ibook authoring.

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