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Music inspired by my travels through impressive landscapes and old cities on the traces of ancient cultures, by old stories as well as by the fascinating diversity of oriental art along the old Silk Road. This album includes music tracks with influences of sounds from Minor and Central Asia, Middle East, Persia, India and Western music elements from Jazz-Fusion, House and Electronic Music.

Tracks are named after delicious oriental spices, which were traded in the bazaars along the old caravan routes.

Recorded with several instruments such as Arabian Oud, Persian Santur, Turkish Baglama / Saz, Chinese Erhu, Reed Flutes - Ney, Bansuri and Duduk - Indian Sitar, Tanpura, Tumbi, Balinese and Tibetan Gongs, Acoustic and Electronic Drums, Percussion - Darbuka, Tablas, Ghatam, Dhol, Dholak, Kanjira, Mridangam, Khol, Pakhawaj and Bells - Electric Fretless Bass, Synth Basses, Harmonium, Electric Piano, Analog and Digital Synthesizers.

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“Looking for a safe Harbor” was a creative collaborative statement through art and music in 2015 to increase awareness and sensitivity of the human situation of refugees on their dangerous trip across the Mediterranean Sea.

Collaboration with American artist LaVada June, Nashville/Tn. (Release 2015).

Solitary Cheetah | Music Album Release (2016) - Available on iTunes + Apple Music | Spotify | Amazon | Google Play | Tidal | Bandcamp

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Rain turns to Snow turns to Ice | Music track collaboration with New York based singer "She´s Exited!" (2016)
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EclectroCasts features interviews and music of indie artists of a broad range of genres. Interview conducted by Jeff Kirn (New York) and Kees de Groot (Rhode Island, USA) on Nov 15, 2015.

EclectroCasts Interview 2015
- Episode EC017

"This interview features Bassy Jam, an accomplished bassist who weaves magic sound carpets with elements from Oriental World Music as well as Indie, Fusion Jazz and Soul (GER).

We talked with Bassy Jam about some of his recent tracks and albums Caravan Routes and Camel Ride, some of his collaborative works, and his extensive travels and deep interest of music of middle eastern and oriental cultures."

EclectroCasts Interview - Nov. 2015 (moved to TouTube Feb. 2018)

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