Improving the sound quality of your music, ambient sounds and spoken words about clarity, warmth, dynamic and loudness.

With 20+ years of work experience on audio postproduction and premastering for many artists, record labels and media, I am now running as freelancer a modern digital audio project studio equipped with professional tools.

My services includes Equalizer Sound Editing, Noise Reduction, Dynamic Compression, Stereo Imaging, Spectral Shaping, Vintage Sound Coloring and Saturation, Peak Limiting and Maximizing, Dithering and Format Conversion.

Delivery optimized for multimedia, websites, streaming, broadcast and distribution according to LUFS loudness standards.


Audio editing of music, sounds and dialogues including mixing, trimming, cutting, fades and crossfades as well as de-essing and noise reduction.

Reduction of distracting mouth noises, breaths between words and attenuation of sibilance and harsh high-frequency sounds in dialogue and singing tracks.

Eleminating of clicks and reduction of crackling sound, ground loops, line noise and buzz with harmonics. Repairing of digital and analog clipping artifacts, removal of persistent tonal noises and reduction of the amount of ambient space in a recording.

Delivery as single mono, stereo or multiple tracks in various audio formats such as WAV, AIFF, MP3, M4A/AAC, FLAC, OGG for websites, podcasts, movies, documentaries, audio books, audio guides, games, apps, audio ads and animations.